<aside> 👋🏼 This page was compiled by Jared Ratcliff (check out his blog), and is the result of several years of language study and service in Cambodia. Blessings!



Learning Khmer

This section includes resources for beginner/intermediate learners.

Learn To Type Khmer


For the more common “Khmer NIDA” keyboard layout, This Khmer typing course was prepared by Jared Ratcliff and covers the most common characters. It’s a great way to learn typing while practicing the Khmer alphabet at the same time! (Pro tip: Say the name of each letter out loud as you type it.) If you want an account to save your progress, contact me with your name and email.

For a comprehensive guide to the Khmer NIDA keyboard layout, click here.

Once you have learned to type in Khmer, and perhaps even while you are still learning, click here for a great website where you can practice, using the “Khmer NIDA” layout.

For the less common “Khmer” layout, there’s another good typing course. It is divided into fifteen “lessons”, each with multiple exercises. You can study here with instructions in English or Khmer. This class could be helpful for learning the more common “Khmer NIDA” layout as well; just keep in mind that some keys will be in a different location than what they show on-screen.


ℹ️ General Khmer terms and grammar:


⛪ Christian Khmer terms:


🛕 Buddhist Khmer terms:


🏥 Medical Khmer terms: